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Ryan Harris Vinyl Record "My Mind"

Ryan Harris Vinyl Record "My Mind"

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"My Mind" 12" Vinyl Record by Ryan Harris

Hey folks! The limited run of the “My Mind” Vinyl Record by Ryan Harris. I put on 12 songs I have created over the last 3 years and I hope ya enjoy it! Cheers, Ry

**we will be shipping these orders out on April 11th**



1. My Mind

2. One Day

3. Same Sun

4. Gone (Away)

5. Sunday

6. Close to Home



1. Lights Fall

2. Alone

3. Alone (Reprise)

4. Falling

5. Again

6. Rolling On (Acoustic)

7. Forever


** P.S. I wish shipping could be even cheaper but I am actually losing money on every order (charging a lot less than Canada Post is charging me) **

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